Pets and their People testimonial

We started out looking for a document management system with a search function so that once decisions were made and policies were created ... staff could fine them to use them.

After trying a couple of different system that just didn't work for us we were introduced to Standard Practice.

We were so impressed by the task and role management system within it that the practice administrator and the head nurse were unbelievably excited.

While there has been substantial work in setup, and there will always be work in maintaining the system ... the system works. Staff now log on, select their allotted role for the day and Standard Practice provides clear expectation of what is expected of them. It provides simple access on how to complete an assigned task and they record when it is completed. This allows the nursing manager to implement and manage staff progress and compliance to clinic standards and protocols... without even having to be in the building.

My nursing manager says "I wouldn't be without it". Once the team saw it in action, its benefits and how easy it was to use, even the greatest of skeptics got on board.

Thank you Standard Practice.

Dr Alan Dalgarno, Director, Pets and their People