Compass Education & Training

As the CEO of a charity specialising in educational programmes for people with disabilities, I particularly appreciate the way in which Standard Practice ensures our staff have ready and timely access to the most up to date information, policies, procedures and forms. It is the access and currency that help us to provide a first class service to our young people and families.

Standard Practice is a very valuable information management system. The software is well structured to help organisations ensure continuity in their documents and other information. It has a simple layout which allows everyday users to quickly and easily find what they are searching for. This ease of use is achieved through a smoothly integrated and well-structured back-end to the software.

The software allows documents to appear multiple places simultaneously so that procedures, position descriptions, manuals and more can be specifically tailored to the person accessing them or an individual role. The task management system is also very practical and allows management to more easily connect with staff. As an information system it not only caters for word documents, but PDFs, images, spread-sheets and more. Standard Practice has helped Compass to meet and exceed our regulatory standards and industry requirements.

The Australian-based Standard Practice team are friendly and very helpful. They are easily contactable and will go above and beyond the norm to help you with your enquiry. Their demonstrations and web meetings are easily accessible and the content is up to date and relevant.

CEO, Compass Education & Training